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Long Code Service

SMS long codes, also known as 10 digit virtual numbers are basic cellular numbers, highly productive to engage the user into a rapid and cost-effective multi directional communication. These 10 digit numbers are accessible globally and not just restricted within the networks in India. Moreover, long codes are charged as per the regular SMS rates of the user unlike short codes which are priced at a premium rate.

We provides special dedicated long code numbers to organizations as per their requirement and offers superior network connectivity due which overseas messages are delivered in a jiffy. Inexpensive SMS rates encourage communication there by promoting delivery and interpretation of clear messages without any confusion or chaos.

We also provide a cost effective solution, via shared keywords on our dedicated Long Code number 8082 566 770. Through this a customer can register keywords as per his requirement thus economically beneficial for clients who don't require dedicated Long Code. The customer is provided with a web based interface to Login to his Panel where all the reports related to his shared keywords can be used. There is also a facility for SMS API integration and URL forwarding.



Store in Database

Auto Replay SMS

Email Alert



8082 566 770




1 Year


If your keyword is XYZ on 8082 566 770 and when you or your customer sends an SMS with keyword XYZ Your message to 8082 566 770 then the keyword, message, phone number, sent time will be tracked on the basis of the keyword and update details to the particular customers control panel or push the information to customer database real-time if URL forwarding is enabled by you.

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